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The Faux Negroni

I had a really difficult time naming this drink, because it was an accident – a strange, tasty accident. I frequently buy random ingredients I think might be intriguing in a cocktail, throw them together with things that make a wee bit of sense, and hope for the best.  What I did not anticipate when adding tart cherry juice to gin and a couple various types of orange things was creating a drink much like a negroni but not quite so bitter (also not quite so complex in flavor – but still delicious). I bought tart cherry juice because...

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Margarita Monday: Apricot Margarita

Is there anything more beautiful than a freshly cut apricot? Maybe, but not many things. So often in stores, you so often see those bright orange, shriveled fruit-snack-like things that I really find totally unpleasant – kinda chewy, but slightly fibrous. Totally unappealing (unless covered in chocolate – a perfectly acceptable variation my cousin introduced me to). But the warm, jewel-like glow of a fresh apricot is exactly opposite – even if you know you don’t like apricots, you just need to eat one, right? If you’re me, I suppose you just need to put one in a margarita. I...

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Margarita Monday: Cilantro Margarita

Cilantro is very polarizing. In any room where the topic of cilantro comes up (which hopefully isn’t many, because it’s an herb, for chrissakes), responses will usually follow the vein of “it’s amazing and gives food life” or “why anyone would put that soapy shit on anything is beyond me.” For cilantro fans, this hurts. Soap? SOAP? Where do you get SOAP? Well, allow me to science for a second. You may already be aware of this little factoid, but I want an excuse to wear a lab coat. Cilantros “soapy” quality comes from aldehyde chemicals, which are not...

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Margarita Monday (Happy Cinco de Mayo!): Pineapple Jalapeño Marg

Unsurprisingly, I love Cinco de Mayo. I mean, I love Mexican food, tequila, and sombreros. The colors are gorgeous, the food delicious, and the drinks strong. I really couldn’t ask for more. To fit with the festive theme, I really wanted to make a margarita that celebrated the vibrancy of Mexican culture – as much as I love margaritas, I love them more when they pop and promise bold flavors. Now this…this is a margarita fitting for Cinco de Mayo. Put on your sombreros and get ready. I wanted to see what I could do with pineapple and pepper, so...

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The Strawberry 75

Champagne is one of those drinks everyone associates with a lasting memory. Maybe you drank too much at your cousin’s wedding and had a really bad Sunday, or maybe you toasted the love of your life on New Year’s Eve. Or, if you’re super rich, maybe it reminds you of last weekend when you were popping bottles of Cristal at the club, as pop songs lead us average-folk to believe. But, good or bad, everybody has a champagne memory. My favorite champagne memory takes me back to this past New Year’s Eve, which my bearded love and I rang in...

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