Month: April 2016

All-American Mule

You’ve likely heard of the Moscow Mule – a traditional cocktail of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer served in a copper mug. But it’s not quite as likely that you’ve heard the story behind it. Once upon a time, the president of the company that introduced A1 to America bought the American rights to Smirnoff at a time no one was drinking vodka. Unsurprisingly, he was drinking his troubles away at his friend’s bar (the Cock ‘n Bull, who happened to have mention he had cases of ginger beer in his basement nobody wanted to drink. Sometime into the afternoon, another...

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Margarita Monday: The Hades Special

Pomegranates have become pretty mainstream within the past few years, but they still seem incredibly exotic to me. Perhaps it’s the almost-secret-handshake of instructions needed to extract the edible parts, or the novelty of eating the jewel-like seeds instead of a solid, dense body like other fruits. Regardless of what fascinates us about pomegranates, their legend is just as intriguing. They are an important part of history in many cultures, including Greek mythology. If you’ve ever poured a glass of pomegranate juice, it’s perfectly fitting that it was a tool of Hades himself. In the myth, Persephone was captured by Hades,...

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Lazy Antipasti Martini

If you give me some kind of garden herb, I will put it in a cocktail. Somehow, somewhere – I will find a way. But for chrissakes – sometimes I just want something herbaceous and savory without the foresight to infuse a spirit for a week. Or, I want basil-flavored gin but I don’t want a LOT of basil-flavored gin. This, my friends, is where mashing the crap out of plant life comes in awfully handy. As may be evident by now, I’m not a fan of overly sweet cocktails. In fact, I really love a good savory cocktail....

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Margarita Monday: Fresh Mango Margarita

A couple years ago, a few work friends and I were eating lunch, and I whipped out a small container of fresh mango pieces and blueberries. “What IS that?” asked my friend Ken. I stopped abruptly, wide-eyed and confused. “…mango?” “Oh, I love mango!” Pat replied. Ken followed this statement with look of incredulity “Wait, you EAT mango? That is just wayyy too fancy for me.” “Dude, they sell them 2 for $1 at Wegman’s. People actually eat mangos.” Meanwhile, I sat quietly munching my delicious, yellow mango and feeling thankful I knew it was easily accessible and delicious....

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The B-Three

I’ve always been a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen. But please – don’t assume I liked to cook. I’d pull a kitchen chair up to the counter, pick out several of the most confusing or most interesting ingredients from the spice cabinet, and mix them together in a glass with some kind of liquid vehicle. I was smart enough to never attempt to taste any of them – I think even as a seven-year-old I realized cumin, orange juice, a beef bullion cube and a tablespoon of sugar was not at all something I wanted to...

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