Month: March 2016

Chipotle Mescal Margarita

It’s highly possible you may be wondering what mescal (or mezcal) actually is, and up until very recently, I’d be furrowing my brow right there with you. I’m very new to the world of mescal, and I’m delighted to be playing around with it! I can thank my imaginary friends over at my favorite podcast, Speaking Easy Podcast for introducing me to the delight. So, mescal is very similar to tequila except for a few major differences. While tequila is only made from blue agave, mescal can be made from over 30 different types of agave. Seeing as I live in the...

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Gin Lavender Lemonade

I’m the first person to admit one of my biggest flaws is my severe lack of patience. I joined Amazon Prime for the shipping perks, but it’s embarrassingly possible I don’t spend enough yearly to make my membership worth it. Waiting for the coffee maker to finish brewing my modest three cups feels like an eternity. And as much as I have enjoyed attempting a vegetable garden in the past, I always end up eating slightly underripe tomatoes. Given my adult inability to wait, it comes as no surprise that as a kid I would lie in bed, wide-eyed and...

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Boozy Cinnamon Orange Mocha

Sunday mornings are by far my favorite part of the weekend – but not without some effort to be as lazy as possible. I have what I would consider to be a slightly unhealthy relationship with weekends. I wake up on Saturdays with the sun and a huge list of personal projects, tasks, and shopping lists I didn’t have the energy to give two craps about when I rolled in from work Monday through Friday. I’m usually in high need of a nap by lunch, and then I start to feel the sting of regret if I haven’t actually...

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Mint and Tarragon Gin Fizz

It’s almost spring! We’ve got one day to go (and a sassy, unwelcome turd of a snowstorm here in the northeastern U.S.) before we’re in the clear. The change of season already has me excited for the fresh flavors of spring. Because I’m a terribly impatient person, I’m prepping myself with springtime cocktails and playing around with unfamiliar flavors. Growing up, tarragon was not a welcome ingredient in our kitchen at home. My mom, bless her heart, had a lonely love affair with it, while my dad and I despised it’s pungent, grassy anise flavor. On occasion, the slightest hint...

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The Not-So-Sour Whiskey Sour

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I thought it fitting to kick off Bitters and Blueberries with a recipe appropriate for one of America’s (and Ireland’s, more importantly) most popular drinking holidays. For those of you who are don’t fancy themselves history buffs or were lucky enough to avoid spending multiple years in Catholic grade school catechism classes, the history of St. Patrick’s Day is relatively simple. March 17th is the feast day (or “celebration” day) of St. Patrick, which commemorates the arrival of Christianity to Ireland, Irish nationalism, shamrocks, and heavy drinking. As the heavy restrictions of Lent were traditionally...

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